The kid with the camera

I grew up surrounded by the natural beauty of the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania and started taking photos on my dad's 1983 Minolta X-570. I loved hanging out with the local wildlife — especially the birds — and found a passion for nature photography.

My dad, a lifelong photographer, began venturing out with me, and I learned digital photography with a telephoto lens. And what a world that has opened for me.

Photo by Christa Neu

A bit wild

My favorite subjects are those with wings – or anything wild. My most favorite shoots have been with my dad at our favorite secret locations tracking birds. I've identified over 100 species of birds, my most notable being a wild snowy owl (in Pennsylvania!).

Photography has a way of reconnecting people with nature. We seem to have forgotten that we are just as much a part of the environment as those with feathers and fur. I hope to show people what these creatures mean to me and why they're worth loving.

Photo by Sam Anderson

More than just birds...

In my senior year of high school, I decided to try my hand at sports photography, and it turns out people are not that much different than animals. As a freshman in college, I started shooting for Lehigh Sports and The Brown and White.

I soon began interning with Lehigh University's office of Communications and Public Affairs, where my photos are featured on the Lehigh website and Instagram. Flying robotic blimps, a tree-climbing professor, and human cell development labs are just some of my favorite projects I've shot.

Growing my portfolio, I began photographing with Zoellner Arts Center and Blue Mountain Resort.

Photo by Hannah Ally

Photo by Amanda Rowan

See you out there

I'm looking forward to the future and where my lens takes me. Until then, you can find me under a tree by a creek – camera in hand.

Banner photo by Exact Rush Media Publishing